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Our Story

Metamed was founded by Sara Ahmed MD, ABIM, ABOM, Internal Medicine Physician with advanced training in Obesity Management from Harvard University. Dr. Ahmed foresaw Obesity as one of the biggest threat and underrated chronic disease that will adversely impact our communities, giving rise to all sorts complex and dangerous medical conditions.

Dr. Ahmed wanted to make a larger impact on the community by providing a respectful environment where her patients could be treated with empathy and respect.

Metamed was established with the core philosophy of providing compassionate, individualized, and goal-directed care to promote wellbeing and vitality in all patients striving to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Metamed is quickly evolving to be being a leading weight management and obesity clinic in Canada. Now focussed on extending its services across the country using virtual and in-clinic based services.

Meet The Team

We're a medical multidisciplinary team based in Burlington Ontario with a passion for making a lasting difference in our patients lives. Using innovative technology and latest in research, we bring a holistic and comprehensive approach to our patients.

“I can not speak loudly enough about the amazing work that Dr Sara Ahmed and her team do at Metamed! I originally thought I was going there just for weight management but quickly realized it's much more than that! The level of care and detective work that takes place at Metamed is next level. They have helped me immensely with my mental health and understanding how my body works. Which is something I never understood, with fad diets and quick fixes.”

Sheena SnivelyMetamed Patient
CEO, Founder

Sara Ahmed, MD ABIM ABOM

Dr. Sara Ahmed is a board-certified internal medicine and obesity specialist with more than 10 years of experience managing complex medical conditions and obesity. She is a caring and compassionate physician whose philosophy is to provide comprehensive and results-oriented care to her patients. With her years of experience working in numerous cities across North America, Dr. Ahmed is well equipped to manage patients from multiethnic backgrounds.

She is affiliated with Hamilton health sciences and offers inpatient and outpatient care in the greater Niagara region. She holds and on her bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto and completed her medical training in Rochester, New York. She trained in obesity medicine through the Harvard Blackburn obesity program and is certified by the American Board of obesity medicine. She also received training in aesthetic medicine and is certified through the American Board of aesthetic medicine.

She is renowned amongst her patients and the community as a compassionate, dedicated, and caring physician. At home, Dr. Ahmed is a wife and mother of two young children. She enjoys painting, cooking, and traveling for leisure. In addition, she is also active in local newspapers and social media and utilizes these platforms to educate community members.

Partner, COO

Ahmed Hussain

Practice Manager and Health Coordinator

Elma Hubjer

With a diploma as a Registered Practical Nurse my role at Metamed is to provide top-quality client centered care within our practice. Managing the clinic operations and function is a key part of my role. Good client communication and consistency are my top skills that I like each client to receive at Metamed. With experience and a passion for the health care industry being the Health Coordinator at Metamed allows me to provide our clients with a personal approach to their weight loss journey.
Outside of work I am a wife and a mom of three young children. We enjoy a variety of outdoor activities at our cottage on Georgian Bay. Summer is my favorite season as I love swimming, canoeing and campfires
Strength and Mindset Coach

Connor Pettersen

I am a firm believer that we are only as strong as our habits and that the strength of the mind is just as important as the strength of the body. As a NASM certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach my goal at Metamed is to help you sustain your weight loss results and improve your body composition!

By identifying your personal movement patterns and developing the right exercise habits to fit your lifestyle, we will build strength, reduce pain and increase your happiness and improve your longevity. You will learn about your body, understand how to properly navigate the world of exercise, and create your own version of an active lifestyle.

With over 7 years of experience in the health and fitness industry and hundreds of clients served as a trainer and habit coach, I can answer all of your fitness-related questions!

…and if I can’t, then we will find the answer together and learn together, because that is what this journey is all about!

I am excited to join you on your personal journey, let’s get started!

Physician Assistant and Health Counselor

Hiba Rashid

Hiba is an internationally trained physician who obtained her Bachelor’s degree at the University of
Toronto in Human Biology and Psychology before pursuing her medical studies abroad. Upon returning
to Canada, she obtained extensive experience in family medicine and internal medicine clinics while
pursing Canadian medical licensing.
Hiba is trained in ACT Essentials (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) and is our health counsellor at
Metamed. She reviews behavioral goals with patients while providing motivational counselling to adopt
a positive mindset and healthy behavioural patterns leading to weight loss. She is also trained in the
basics of obesity medicine which she uses to educate patients on obesity medications, lifestyle
modification and the concepts of weight management.
Given her medical background and clinical knowledge, Hiba also assists Dr. Ahmed in her internal
medicine consults and triages patient concerns appropriately. Her strengths are building rapport with
patients, providing reassurance, and motivating patients along their weight loss journey. She is excited
to help patients at Metamed achieve their health and weight loss goals and improve their outlook on

Registered Dietician

Sahar Bhatti

Sahar Bhatti is a Registered Dietitian with several years of experience in bariatrics, chronic disease care, and diabetes management. She also specializes in nutrigenomics testing for a highly individualized client experience.

Sahar obtained her Bachelor of Science (Nutrition and Dietetics) from the University of Western Ontario and proceeded to complete her dietetic internship at Hamilton Health Sciences, one of Canada’s top research hospitals.

Sahar offers clients dietary advice, personalized nutrition care plans, and science-based recommendations on the use of nutritional supplements. Sahar endorses holistic, client-centered nutrition care in which no foods are off limits

Registered Dietician

Mojan Radfar

Mojan has years of experience in field of health and nutrition. She graduated from Ryerson University, the Food and Nutrition Program with Bachelor’s degree in dietetics in 2015 and certified in Canadian Dietetic Registration Exam (CDRE) to become a licensed RD.

She has a keen interest in the field of weight management and has dedicated her services towards Obesity Medicine since her graduation. Her approach is a non-diet approach. She likes focusing more on creating a positive relationship with food and developing new healthy habits in life. Habits that would get patients to their best weight while enjoying their life and help them maintain it long term.

She is passionate about bringing a smile on people’s face and helping them by empowering them to live their best life. She believes “we only get to live once, so we better make the most of it”.

She loves reading books and sipping tea during her downtime. She loves nature and believes that connecting with it is highly therapeutic as it helps to unwind, relieve stress and tune back into ourselves.

She loves reading books and sipping tea during her downtime. She loves nature and believes that connecting with it is highly therapeutic as it helps to unwind, relieve stress and tune back into ourselves.

At Metamed, she enjoys listening to people’s backgrounds and stories and she values her being an integral part of their weight loss journey. Bringing meaningful changes to patients’ lifestyles brings her a great sense of joy and happiness. She is excited to know more patients and look forward to meeting them at the clinic.

Registered Nurse

Mandeep Nijher RN

Hi, I’m Mandy and I have been a Registered Nurse since 2013. I have many years of experience as a healthcare provider and in the fashion industry. In 2016, I decided to combine my passion of beauty and nursing and got trained to provide services in cosmetic injectables.

Beauty is achieved through a combination of in office treatments and at home maintenance. I apply a refined touch for all of my clients and my patients know me for my attention to detail, safe, and natural results.

I am currently upgrading my education to become an Nurse Practitioner. I participate in ongoing training and ensure I am up-to-date in the latest information and techniques in the field of aesthetic nursing.

Practice Manager

Cindy Park

Cindy has worked in the healthcare field for over 20 years in health care administration. She graduated from Niagara College with a diploma in Medical Office Administration and certified in Radiofrequency Systems Management with Tempsure. Her caring and kind mannerisms are highly regarded and recognized by the patients and her colleagues.

At home, Cindy is a wife and mom to three busy children. She enjoys the outdoors, country living, playing soccer and running.
Cindy is friendly and approachable and very passionate about healthy living, and is also pursuing a certification in personal training.

She loves working for Metamed and is delighted to witness the exciting results in our patients’ while utilizing our services.


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Clinic Location

1401 Plains Road E,
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