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Non Invasive Body Sculpting, Live Deliberately

Procedure that melts away stubborn fat permanently, without any incision or downtime!

How SculpSure works

Metamed expertly evaluates every patient first to ensure they meet the criteria

The 1060nm wavelength’s specific affinity for adipose tissue, coupled with minimal absorption in the dermis, allows SculpSure to efficiently treat areas of troublesome fat in just 25 minutes per treatment. Over time, the body naturally eliminates the disrupted fat cells with results seen as quickly as 6 weeks and optimal results usually seen in as few as 12 weeks.

  • Minimal absorption in the dermis leaves the skin’s surface unharmed
  • Advanced Contact Cooling enhances patient comfort
  • Feathering of heat spread provides natural-looking results
  • Mild and transient side effects


  • Fast, 25-minute treatment per area
  • No incision needed for the treatment
  • Versatile applicators to fit all variety of body shapes and sizes
  • No downtime, patients can return to their normal activities almost immediately after the procedure is complete

Your turn to change your life

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SculpSure Body Contouring Treatments

Safely and effectively eliminate unwanted fat cells in just 25 minutes per treatment with our revolutionary SculpSure technology. Now you can provide patients with non-invasive body contouring that permanently reduces stubborn fat without surgery or downtime.

SculpSure is the world’s first FDA-cleared laser device for non-invasive lipolysis of the abdomen, flanks, back, inner thighs, outer thighs and submental area.

No pain, all gain

SculpSure Submental Treatment

Our Submental applicator design is perfect for providing precise and effective treatments resulting in a slimmer appearance under the chin. The addition of the submental application makes the SculpSure device an all-encompassing, non-invasive body contouring system.

100% patient satisfaction rating in clinical study1
FDA-cleared for individuals with a BMI up to 49
Can affect the appearance of lax tissue**

**When using the petite mask for non-invasive lipolysis of the submental area

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